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Yaris Urgent Help Needed


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Hi Can anyone please help.I bought a second hand Yaris 03reg 1.4diesel.

The man who sold it me said it has had a new turbo fitted.My problem is yaris runs fine no problems until periodically it kicks out oil from exhaust and smokes quiet a bit.Yaris doesnt loose any power or anything and still running well.This only happens once in every couple of weeks.

Any help gratefully recieved as my local garage is flumoxed.

Kind regards Jean

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Is it a constant thing when you go above a certain rev range or is it totally random?

If the smoking is always happening at medium/high revs (Like, past 1800rpm) that's usually a sign of turbo failure as that's when the turbo kicks in, but without it the engine doesn't have enough air to burn the diesel so it kicks out loads of soot.

May also be a failed oil seal somewhere which is letting oil leak into the exhaust and contaminating the turbo too?

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The catalyst will be ruined for a start, by oil.

You may be lucky that it's just oil in the intercooler/piping... but it sounds to me like worn turbo seals..

A new turbo is £100s. Did you see an invoice for one?

If it was a dealer who sold it, take it back for a refund.

Of course, it may just need all the intercooler and pipework removed and cleaned of old oil... but you would have to be very lucky.

ALternatively, the engine may have worn rings/valves but that sounds unlikely.

Any service history?

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Thankyou so much to both of you for your answers.I bought it private with no service history.It does seem to happen when under a bit of pressure.I think like you say i will try the turbo first.when the yaris blows oil the oil splashes up the tailgate.I need to check whether it is oil or soot that is being blown out.Thank you again i will update when i have had it back to garage.

Another case of silly woman car looked nice seller was elderly and seemed genuine.

Regards Jean

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Hopefully the splashes are soot.

You really need to change: the air filter (if dirty , too rich a mix and you get black soot)

the oil and oil filter.

The fuel filter..

and the brake fluid... and check the anti freeze and brakes

if there is no record of any service history..

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