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Carina E 2.0 1993 3S-Fe Mileage

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I have started to have a bad mileage now in the winter in my 1993 Carina E 2.0 with the 3S-FE engine.

I'm gonna check up the two first problems i know isn't right.

The first is when i fill the car up with fuel to the max, i have a smell of fuel around the car, everyone who i meat tells me that they also smell the fuel smell, but i dont see any visible leaks dripping.

The smells stay around until half tank then it smells a little bit less but you can notice if it you really smell.

Anyone knows were to start to look for faults? any standard leaking points on the Carina model?

The next problem is when im sitting in the car for maybe 5-10 minuts on idle i smell exhaust smoke in the car.

Probadly some leak some where under the car or under the hood maybe, anyone knows any standard exhaust leak points on the Toyota Carina?

I had an Audi 100 quattro who had very bad mileage i changed a lot of things on that until i get a tip from another Audi dude to change some sensor who sends signal to the efi system, there was two sensors on that car one for the temp gauge in the car and the other sensor told the car when the car was cold etc and adjusted the fuel for that.

With an broken sensor like that the car believed that it was minus 15 degrees all the time.

I want to change the same kind of sensor on this Carina, to see if i notice some better mileage numbers.

Is that sensor on Toyota language called "Inlet air temperature sensor?" i don't want to change the sensor who sends signal to the temp gauge in the car.

And does anyone have a picture where on the 3S-FE engine that sensor is placed.

Regards Michael

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