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Koenic Springs


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hi guys

I was just wondering if any one has fitted or even heard of Koenic springs

I want to fit them to my Corolla, they are available with a 40 mm drop

oh and one other thing, should I fit shortened shocks

thanks :D

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:thumbsup: You can use standard shocks and springs, but the ride will be a little too bumpy, when going over dodgy roads at speeds. My mate has lowered springs on a BMW 320 (without proper shocks), and the ride feels too bumpy although he still is using the standard set up. Better go for a full on suspension kit - they are a little more expensive, but results pay off big time. The ride will be rock hard and you will feel every little stone in the road, but you will get used to that. I've had a full suspension kit on my Astra, and I can tell you, your car will be sticking to the road like glue. It just didn't feel right driving non modded car after I sold my Astra - it was all over the place and was a bit scary going into corners at speed! :wacko:
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