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Need Help With A 4E-Fte Ep91 Engine Swap


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Hey everyone,

I just bought a 1998 ep91(R?) starlet with a nice and tidy, fully functional and serviced 4e-fe engine already in it. My plan is to buy a 4e-fte engine,

and get it put in. The 4e-fte engine i am looking at is completely factory(i think) and does not come with an ECU, clutch, or a gearbox. It also doesnt have the factory top mount intercooler. I have a 4e-fte ECU, will it hook up to the 4e-fe loom?

Will the 4e-fe clutch and gearbox work with the 4e-fte engine? What else will i need? belts? injectors? pumps? I basically need to know EVERYTHING that i could possibly need, or any problems that i could possibly encounter. I want to eventually have a blow off valve, front mount and external waste gate put on. Will the factory headers have anywhere for the wastegate to go or will i need to buy some custom ones? Can the blow off valve bolt on? how hard will it be to get a front mount intercooler set up running? What about an exhaust system? I dont know terribly much about this (obviously) but for the life of me I am determined to get this car going one way or another. Would it be worth upgrading to a better ECU and turbo? and if so, which ones? I know swapping these engines over shouldnt be too hard, but things arent ever as easy as they seem, and there is always hidden problems. out of all the engine swaps possible, this should be one of the easiest possible yea? How much do u think it would cost to get someone to do all the work for me? any help would be greatly appreciated cheers

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Im in the same position as you pal! I wanna drop a 4E-FTE in my SR. Im wondering would it be easier to get a 4E-FTE on a pallet, still bolted to the chassis legs and bulkhead with the dash and everything as i think you may have to swap all the looms over. Please any advice would be much appreciated :)

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i am just like you guys just registered to ask that quiestion

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I am looking at the same project as i need the 4E-FTE engine to drop into my Paseo for track days, chances of finding a complete engine are looking almost impossible though

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