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Paseo Owner Needs Help

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Hi there,

Totally new to the forum and basically would like some info on my Paseo. I have a paseo Galliano, well i thought i did, but i thought i read in the forum somewhere that the galliano is only a galliano cus of its yellow paintjob, but mine was brand new in red. Thats another thing though i live in the UK, i have a left hooker. I bought it in Germany due to fallin in love with it when I was out visitin my pops.

So Is it a galliano or not?, if not why the F@$k does my insurance company insist it is?

Also could people set me up with the biggest wheels and what profile tires i could get on my 'seo? (without losing any ability to full lock)

And have xracing brought out that xxx bodykit yet?? Its the only one I have seen that I would be prepared to buy.

Does anyone got any tips on the best setup for handling, the more i push it the more time i'm spending sideways.

BUT most important of all can anyone point me in the direction i can get some performance brake rotors and pads (preferably online) I would really like some gold rotors, hehe but thats not all that important.

If anyone could help me on that little lot i would be most appreciated.

I would take pictures of my car and post them but at the moment there's no point cus its pretty standard apart from the sound system.

But anyway, Thanks

P.S. I love my Paseo so much people get worried

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Mellow yellow, is your man to answer your questions as he has a Galliano :thumbsup: To be honest I thought they were all yellow, but that could just be in the UK? And I think the interior is different to the ST and SI models. As for wheels, 17's are the max without any probs, post pics anyway we're not fussy :P

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hey, as far as i can tell the Galliano has the yellow paint job and a front spoiler to make it different to the rest, but thats it i think. im sure i read somewhere only 50 Gallianos where made, but i might be mistaken.

biggest wheels without arch mods is 17", i got 7.5j wheels on mine and they catch very slightly on full lock, but nothing major. your probably better goin for 7j wheels.

as for handling, short of getting a set of coilovers on it, drop it 40mil and smack a strut brace on. that should firm it up to chuck it around a bit...

brakes, no idea. maybe if the share the same setup as stock starlets, then look at an AP upgrade (im sure they list a kit for the glanza)?

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If you check on eBay, you can get slotted and vented Brembo rotors for about $90. Also, I would go with ceramic break pads because they last longer and have better stopping power.

Mellow's exactly right on the handling issue. Be careful in the rain, however, as the strut bar can have a negative affect when it's wet and nasty out. I can't wait to get my coilovers on.

The body kit is on it's way out from what i've heard, if you check my site, I have all the kits for the second gen 'Seo and pics, but if you have 56K, i'd try to do it from a friend's computer with faster service! :wacko:

If you have any more questions, we're all happy to help here. Welcome to TOC.

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Welcome to TOC. :thumbsup:

I'd agree with what Mellow says - Galliano's were all yellow.

I also have 17's with only very very minor catching on full lock (you shouldn't use full lock with powersteering anyway).

Grooved discs are here on the POTN site if thats any good to you and you can get performance pads elsewhere.

Contact Andrew (toyotasera.co.uk) on here for X-racing kits - it was supposed to be out this month, around £500 odd for the bumper & skirts I think.

Handling get it lowered! Kit's avaiable from SPAX, Pi & quite a few others. Also myself & Dazh have OMP strut braces - very worthwhile for less than £50. Decent tyres would help also.

Get some pics up! Like to see the left hooker. B)

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All that will come in well handy,

A mate of mine reckons that my brake system looks exactly the same as some mr2 and celicas he's worked on, is this true?, if so does this mean I could use the same rotors. Ceramic rotors, want'em, need'em, gotta have'em, but WHERE FROM???

This Galliano issue, my pops who actually ended up do the deal on the paseo (as all i can say in German is "Ya!", not a good word in negotiations, hehe), garentees me its the limited edition Galliano, but is less sure about the limited 50 quantity you came up with, could there only have been 50 in yellow or summin, plus if the galliano's only other feature was its front bumber, does this mean mine will have been replaced with the standard at the toyota garage when i had it replaced.

( A Case of Big 4x4 car, little tiny woman behind wheel, and a lack of abilty to park the massive ***expletives removed*** , I'm not going to get into this now but, I'm still not really over it, it was hard, i mean my little baby got hurt, it was off the road for 9 days!!!!. 'sniff' 'sniff' ).

Anyways i do tend to go off on one sometimes and i refuse to use backspace. So, yea, i will get some pics up ASAP.

where is everyone getting their coilovers???

Plus has anyone put the turbo kit from america on their 'seo??? if your not sure what i mean check out link below, It looks S£$t hot, and i want it NOW!!!!!!

http://www.turbo-kits.com/paseo_turbo_kits.html (and obviously the extreme pakage, stuff like that makes me want to cry)

If anyone has was it easy to install, (I'm guessin' not), and what of performance are you getting out of it, also would it be wise to have one of these in a car you tend to drive everyday.

Anyway thanks again

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People have various opinions on turboing the 5E, basically it's easier to wack a 4EFTE in from the Starlet turbo.

Brakes - not sure although I'd advise caution as quite a few parts look the same as Celica etc but are in fact different!

The Galliano in the UK was yellow, their was a German special edition called something else though I think - maybe you've got that?

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I know the brake pads and the shoes for the seo are the same as many of the other older models, Corolla and carinas, but I have heard that the disks are different and although they may look the same they may be slightly wider or bigger and for that reason I think the calipers will also be different, they do look very similar though and if i ever have an mr2 for a brake job ill try and compare the 2 and post up the results but im 99% sure the part nos are different even for aftermarket disks but the pads are the same no.

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yea dude, your probaly right, my mate is only a trainee mechanic. (noy a good one at that, hence i haven't gone out and bought mr2 rotors, hehe)

Thanks for the confirmation though

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