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Won't Start

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My trusty Toyota Yaris has let me down today for the first time.

Jumped in to pop round to the local shop, only to find that she won't start :unsure:

Blue 3-Door 2000 (W Reg) 1.0L VVTi (43k on the clock)

Half a tank of fuel, electrics all OK, starter motor is turning the engine over but no life from the engine.

It's almost as if there is no spark, a fuel problem or a sensor issue.

I tried removing the Battery for 30mins to try a reset on the ECU, but that didn't help either.

Can anyone offer some advice?


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Could be no fuel or no spark.

No fuel? Listen for fuel pump - in tank so open boot and listen when ignition on.

Could be a fuse.

No spark?

Could be a failed crankshaft position sensor.. or fuse.

There are tests which can be done for fuel and sparks but both require some mechanical /electrical knowledge...

Check fuses..

Under bonnet:

15Amp EFI

Passenger compartment fusebox

AM1 50 AMp .. (or check your wipers work.. if they do,this fuse is OK)

STOP: 10 amp

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Could be wet plugs, my sons wouldn't go and that was the cause

pressed the throttle to the floor and crank it over,

If it is wet plugs it will eventually splutter into life.

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This happened to me on a couple of occaisions a few years back and found that the problem was down to the engine 'flooding'/ 'wet' spark plugs (it had been started up in the garage and moved to the front of the house ready for wife to do the school run a couple of hours later) due to a cold start up unburnt fuel causing the problem.

If the above scenario is true in your case then simply turn the engine over whilst flooring the accelerator pedal for about 20 to 30 seconds or until the engine sputters into life.


just notice above reply,HowardL beat me to it, must be quicker at typing than me lol :crybaby:

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