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guys as you know I've been slowly doing bits to the compressor and its time I look at getting rid of the eibachs for some coilies, I've set aside £1200 for coilovers, bushings, shorter arb links. id appreciate any input of options on the market for the Corolla. thanks. :)

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My knowledge of suspension is not great but i have a set of tein superstreet kit on mine. The fact it's adjustable is great. It was on mine when i brought it but car handles amazingly when it's set to the stiffest setting and for day to day driving i can make it a bit softer so i don't feel every single bump on the road. Having not owned it with the standard set up i don't know how much it does effect the ride but i have had to get my mrs another car we can use for long journeys.

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I sat in loads of set ups when i had the t-sport so heres my opinion.


Tein Superstreet or KWs, Both were very comfortable but tein being more comfortable than both. Handling when set up was good on both sets.

If your on a tighter budget

D2 or BC, They are identical in all aspects think they are made by the same supplier if im honest. Both are good entry level performance coilovers but i found both to be to harsh for road use even on the softest settings. (I do live in london though so we have to put up with speedbumps and bad roads)

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I have got KW coilovers, and I can only say good things about it.

Adjustable in height + hardness.

I bought them 3rd hand, and got them installed for 3 years now.

Changed height 2x every year, and they still haven't got any damage.

I would recommend them 100% ;)

Or else go for Tein indeed :)


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