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How To Clean Celica Headlights


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The headlights of my 2001 Gen7 Celica are very fogged up with grime and or dirt. The sort of stuff that does not wash off as normal. As such it risks an MOT failure because the headlights do not shine the required safe pattern, instead emitting a "BLOB" of light.

Does anyone have any ideas how to clean the headlights lens?



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Yep, buff them up with a compound. There are special compiunds jsut for this job OR buy new headlights.

Thanks Y'all...

New Headlights... for a Celica. You have gotta be kidding. Do you know the cost of them? Certainly not Credit Card friendly.

Have tried a cleaning solution already with not much luck so lets hope a bit more elbow grease works.

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Ensure you mask the surrounding area first.

Strart by rubbing down withy very fine wet and dry (2500 or finer) - go gently using copuious amounts of water - do not applying pressure or marks will show. Then move on to coubik cutting compound - then T-Cut - then a clay bar - then finally tooth paste or Final Glaze.

I have seen this method used many times with success. Yes it's a long laborious job but cheaper tha new headlights.

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If the plastic outer lens has got really dull and oxidised used P1200 paper and plenty of water with a dollop of Fairy liquid in it. No need to rub hard. It will look very matt when you wipe the lens down.

Then set to work with T-cut. It does take patience and time but you will get back to an original clear finish.

Final polish with Brasso.

Wash with soapy water and then just give it a coat of ordinary car wax.

If you have any doubts just try a small area about the size of a 50p first.

Have now done three cars (and a scratched top cover on a record deck!) this way with 100% results.

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i did this recent with the headlights of my girlfriends Yaris

Everyone know how a faded headlight looks like.


1. clean the headlight.

2. Tape around the headlight for bodywork protection

2. wetsand the headlight with P2000

3. wetsand P2500

4. wetsand P3000

5. Polish the headlight

6. Give it a wax for protection.


After wetsanding


after Polish:


Actually today antother 2 pair of headlights to restore

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