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Newbie With A Few Questions..


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I'm looking to purchase a t sport in the next few weeks and have a few questions.

1. I have budgeted in the cost of lowering springs and an uprated arb. Will I notice a significant difference ? I haven't driven a t sport (my mates) in well over a year.

2. Tyres, I understand the standard tyres are a 55 profile and most tyre suppliers fitters don't have the tyres i want(eagle f1's). Would dropping to a 45 make the ride too harsh/cause problems?

3. I looked through the parts pdf for the compressor and i notices a few chassis braces. Would these bolt on to the pre-facelift t sport?

4. I remember reading about another chassis brace inside the cabin that was fitted to facelift models, does anyone have a part number and idea of cost.

Thanks in advance.

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hi and welcome :thumbsup:

springs make a huge difference on the cts practically transforms the car! all the braces were standard fit on facelift models and will all fit the pre face lift, there was a front upper on eBay for about a hundred quid and you're best off looking round some breakers for the rear one as no doubt it will cost the earth from mr t. upgrading the rear arb is apparently quite a good mod and im sure some one will comment on it soon a few members have one and im saving for one lol lowering dont really change the ride quality at all ( well on a 35/45 drop anyway) going down to 45s wont make much more difference but why f1's there are better tyres out there with the oe profile. unless you're planning a huge drop 45s on the 16s will make them look lost IMO :thumbsup:

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1) Lowering springs will make a difference but as mentioned fitting a rear stiffened ARB will make a significant difference. Well worth the cost.

2) As mentioned previously I would not personally go down in profile, I would either look at alternative tyres as there are other performance tyres available which are equally as good if not better. Failing that I would look at wheel/Tyre combo's and go up in wheel diameter if you wish to drop the profile size. This might not work out much more costly than the tyres alone in some cases.

3)Someone may correct me here but as far as I am aware the additional bracing on the compressor will only be avialable from TTE and as they no longer trade you may have to try and source pre owned items or aftermarket. Fitment however would not be an issue.

4) I am not sure about this one.

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