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[Question] E9 Fuel Consumption


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Hi there guys! I got this problem with my rolla and I'm sorry if there is already topic about it but I search it trough the forum but I couldn't find it.. :(

So I got Corolla e9 Liftback 1987 1.3 12v carb. It's an awesome car, but the previous owner put LPG system because it's cheaper in Bulgaria to drive on LPG than Petrol. When the car is cold it keeps very low RPM and when its hot the RPM is HIGH I guess 1500 when idle (I don't have RPM meter in the dash :( ) This phenomenon is on LPG and Petrol which leads to bigger fuel consumption. I decided to drive the car only on Petrol so I have returned the airways to their original state (they have putted a sponge in the way so It could get little air for the LPG and there were an vacuum pipe disconnected which is over the air filter cover which when it's connected on LPG the car lose power.) The RPM didn't change it's state and the car keeps it's high consumption which is around 15-16/100km. Now when it's winter in cold state, the car is halting and smells like petrol from the exhaust even when it get's it work temperature. I guess it has rich fuel mixture (gets more fuel than air). I have readed that when the car gets louder from the valves they need some alignment. And something about degrees of the distributor cap.

I have planned to change the spark plugs, align the valves, and correct do distributor cap degrees. (I'm not going to align the valves and the distributor cap degrees by myslef)

Can you tell me which are the best brand spark plugs, and the distributor cap degrees which is the best for my car? My goal is to make my fuel consumption low as possible. I have visited a lot workshops that denied checking my carb, because it is too complicated for them.. So I guess this is the cheapest method that I can afford at the moment. My other idea is to find and replace my carb with the fuel injection system from 2e-e engine but I don't have the money for that right now.. So any help or suggestions are welcomed and I'm sorry if there is something you can't understand but there are some strange terms that I can't translate from my language.

Best Regards,


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Hey guys! I've made deep research about my problem and I found out that the translation for distributor cap degrees is actually ignition timing :blush:

So I found some topics in the forum and realize that the problem with fuel consumption can be from the vacuum system or if I have to quote:

Distributor vacuum advancer units have a tendency to fail (the diaphragm between the sub and main advance capsules splits). This often causes high fuel consumption by allowing fuel to be sucked out of the advancer port of the carburettor through the main advance pod, through the split diaphragm into the sub-advance pod then through the vacuum hose into no.2 cylinder. Also the mechanical advance mechanism has a tendency to seize up, providing no centrifugal advance. Either or both of these events will cause improper ignition timing.

So I've search trough toyodiy and I found vacuum piping scheme :clap:

The pipes which are connected to the Distributor vacuum advancer, are not connected at all.. :chair:

So I'm going to check all my vacuum connections and fix if something is wrong connected or not connected and I'll keep you guys in touch B)

So, have a nice day guys!

Best regards,


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I'm so excited right now, but I'm at work and I can't do anything on the car :disgust:

I hope tomorrow will be sunny day so I can do something :P

So here are some pictures of my CoYota, I don't really have a lot of pictures but I'm planning to do some bodywork and stuff when I save some money and I'll make more pictures.


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Hey guys :) Today I've started checking the vacuum hoses (GREAT WEATHER) but there are two diagrams that I have for the 2E engine and ofc the complicated one was for mine piping.. The problem now is that there is a cluster of pipes which I can't follow on the diagram and I'm 100% sure that some hoses are mixed up and others are not connected.. So I'll attach the diagram here and it'll be great if you can help me resolve it somehow.. If you have a simple diagram where the cluster is shown closely I'll be very grateful.. And again the engine is 2E carb from 1987.. Thanks in advance!


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Okey.. So I've followed the lines and everything goes well until I get to the FILTER which I have highlighted on the attached image.. There are some pipes that are bypassed.. And I can't see which pipe goes where on the diagram.. Right now I'm drawing myself a diagram which I can use but this pipe cluster is a life mystery :D I'll continue my work when I have time because I'm on twelve hours shifts and I can't be with my car :(


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