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Looking To Buy An Aygo


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Hi, was looking at an Aygo 2009 (09) model at 25,ooo miles now with Toyota dealer. MMT trans (wife needs that). Other than the water ingress, anything else I should look out for?

Update: Have decided to get an 11 plate Aygo Ice instead. Looks good on Toyota dealer website and have put deposit on it. Going down tomorrow to check it out and sign on. If all goes well, will collect on Friday. Although it's going to be the wife's car, I'm pretty keen myself to test it out. What sort of freebies should I ask for? Glove box cover? Free service if it's not done yet?

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Finally went to pick up the Aygo ice. Dealer in Barnet had done the first service free, added free mats, wash and polish. All in good order. Drove to Soho for a meal and then back home to Reading. The MMT trans worked better than I expected. Coming from a 2.4l petrol automatic 4x4, the Aygo do seems underpowered but that's expected. There was merely a faint pull from 1st to 2nd . Otherwise, it went through the other gears fairly smoothly. Driving it as a manual is great fun too.

Cruising at 70 on the M4, it felt smooth and stable and we were all very surprised how at home we felt with the car. The other owners have already commented on how big the car felt inside so I wasn't surprised to find it as comfortable as our previous 4x4. In fact the 4x4 felt more bouncy due to it's raised height.

All in, very pleased with the Aygo with MMT.

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I think the 2011 model would be the better bet as the newer ones have modified clutches I have since been told! I bought a 2008 Aygo in Aug 2010 and the clutch has just gone (you may have read my previous moan about it) the baffles also went in first few months, water pump and glove box catch. I wouldn't recommend the older Aygo after experiencing these problems, although I was chuffed to bits when I first got it, thought it was a great little car, but sadly the build quality hasn't been what I expected from Toyota, been very expensive for me too since it is no longer under warranty. Finding out that all these problems are quite common in Aygos...........

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