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Gearbox Question

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Hi can anyone help me. i have a 2000 Celica 1.8vvti the engine went due to lack of Oil.

I have put in a new engine and went to my mechenic so he could look over it to make sure all was ok. i towed it out to him as there was no Oil in the gearbox if you were to drive it was like the brakes were on anyway he looked at it (i dont think he was happy that i didnt get him to fit the engine)

he called me back yesterday to tell me something wrong with the gearbox as the drives were not going in right.

What i dont understand is i only changed the engine the gearbox and the drives are the same as was in it all the time.

The mechenic said he dont know was is wrong and that he wasted 2 hours looking at it.

Is there something i might have done wrong to cause the drives not to sit in right and how could i fix it?

Thanks for any help


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It wont go into gear properly? Sounds like a problem with the shifter linkages.

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