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Newly Aquired '53 Plate' - Few Queries.

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I had a MK1 Avensis for four years, and it was the best car I ever had. I've just today picked up a 2004 (53) T3-x and am chuffed to bits.

BUT - I'd like your advice on something.

1) It's idling very quickly. 1100rpm to 1500rpm even when hot. It's a VVTi engine, but I still don't think that's normal. Thoughts?

2) The clutch is incredibly light, and to me feels high. The garage reassure me that it's how they are - and that there isn't a lot to them.

Any help appreciated. I will take it back to them about both points following people's suggestions. I'm reckoning on an o2 sensor for item 1.



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I've had two and both rev high when cold, but once warmed up the revs drop to around 800. If the air con is switched on it was a bit erratic - between 700-1000rpm.

The clutch on the manual one i had was quite light but not near the top of the stroke. It did judder a bit tho if you put it under strain steep hill start etc.

I've not driven the previous model but i have driven quite a few toyotas and all the clutches feel the same, so if you think it feels worn compared to your old car then you're probably correct.

Hope this helps.

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