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Avensis 2L Td Strange Starter Problem

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few days in a row I am trying to fix starting problem in my Toyota Avensis 2L TD, 195K miles, original starter

A few months ago once in 10 times when starting some rattling noice was comming up from the starter when cranking. It was getting worse by every week.

By now car would start after 5-7 attempts only. You get a weak click when ignition is on, then- nothing, some other attempts it feels like motor starts rotating 1/4 round then stuck (hear knock), sometimes flywheel rotates a bit then dies...

To feel symptoms better :

So I removed the starter.

dissasembled it

was not too dirty inside

bendix looks fine

replaced solenoid with a new one

cleaned everything insideout including coal brushes/guides/ rotor commutator

applied grease where appropriate

cleaned all contacts on the starter

checked Battery and cables to it, cleaned

tested starter on it's own:

all working OK so far

once connected back into engine compartment = same issue!!

battery is OK, I was checking the voltage under load...

Looks to me that problem is not the starter....I am going to check all cables now and connectors again but any advise would be appreciated!






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Weak ignition switch? The electrical bit on the back of the lock/barrell, quite a common problem

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Check the neutral cable from the Battery to the engine.

It can be loose or corroded at the engine.

And your starter won't be properly earthed.

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long live Parts-King! spot on...

I tested the starter while on the car, but disconnected low voltage connector (from ignition) and used a wire from the + pole of the Battery directly - starter engaging fly wheel consistently

so my starter is OK :)

Now I removed ignition switch which looks also OK....nothing seems broken or weared down... maybe only white bit where the barrel connects? I have read it can be the issue. I have cleaned the brass connectors with fine sandpaper.

I will try to test cranking by connecting switch only and use flat screwdriver to turn ignition, I will put the key into ignition as well.

If that will not work- then I presume the issue lies with the cable from ignition switch to the starter...

the starter end connector looks solid, not sure how to check if connection there OK..




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**** PROBLEM FIXED!!! ****

The issue was the ignition electrical switch indeed, to be presize the white plastic bit where the ignition barrel metal "finger" inserts. That was worn out....

I did not replace the switch.

My workaround was to use plastic isolation piece from RJ45 network cable (cables for your internet router). Cutting the 5mm piece I put it on the metal finger of the barrel, but before I used stanley knife to smooth edges, so it can be inserted into white plastic slot easy (or with some wiggling).

WHROOOOOM...My car started perfect.... :) Now only time will tell how good is this workaround

See pictures below. I hope this will help someone.




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He is the Partsking, aka Kingo ... you might have purchased a switch from him though for his great advice :laughing: .


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the workaround did not last for a long - same symptoms started occurring so I had to purchase a new ignition switch from my local toyota dealer

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