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Red Triangle

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My gen 2 refused to start last week. I pressed on ‘start’ it didn’t do anything but the red triangle with an exclamation mark symbol appeared. I did this about 4-5 times before it started. Even though it starts first time now the red triangle appears every time I start. I swear this red triangle never used to be there. Knowing it could be the 12V, I booked it in this Friday.

Do you guys know what it means? Could it be the big Battery?

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It is most likely just the 12V Battery. I get the red triangle when I have a weak 12V Battery and my ScanGauge doesn't show any DTCs being thrown.

Also, if there was another fault that just happened to occur after your 12V Battery problems, it can NOT be diagnosed until the 12V Battery is sorted out!

If it was your HV Battery at fault, I don't think you would be able to drive your car.

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