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With Video -Toyota Yaris Startup Issue

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Hi People

I have a Toyota Yaris Silver 2003 1.0 Litre

Since the last couple of months I seem to be having Random issues where it takes a while to start the car up for some reason - See the Youtube Video here to see what i mean (volume is a bit low but you may need to pull ur Speakers up)

Few Days ago i had a FULL: Service They changed their Air, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs and I had a New batter installed in the Car One month prior to that, I have taken it to a few Garages and they are not sure whats up with it

Typically when i get to the Garage and try demonstrating it it works first time

but the thing is its is totally Random this happens first thing in the mornings it would start first time, then around lunchtime sometimes it can take up to 5 attempts before it properly starts up and then sometimes i can do it just in one go - its totally Random

and also sometimes when driving the Engine completely cuts off again at random intervals but this is rare like maybe once a month or so..but starting it backup again then seems fine

I am abit out of ideas as to what is wrong so perhaps someone here more knowledgable maybe able to figure out

Thing is my Wife has just passed her test now and no matter how many times shes tries startign the engine it does not seem to come on but when i do it sometimes after a few attemps or even first time i can get it on

but its completely Random!

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Sounds like the problems son had with Peugeot 106- failure of key based immobiliser system.


Crank position sensor - more likely.

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