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Tyres Needed But First Some Advise Please.

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Hello all,another newbie who bought his first toyota Saturday.Anyway i need new tyres and when looking online yesterday after putting the reg in i was given these sizes 235/60 H16 but having looked on the car the actual tyres are 215/70 R16.

The car is a 1995 rav 4 3 door.

Can anyone explain why this is and whats the difference.

Many thanks.

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Don't know about the 4.1 as a 1995 model is called but the 4.2 such as mine had either 215/70 or 235/60 x 16 fitted depending on model. 4.1 owners will no doubt be along shortly (hopefully)

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If your RAV4.1 has the flared arches then it should have 235/60/16R on wider alloy wheels.

If it has no flared arches then it should have 215/70/16R on steel wheels fitted.

Go with wots on the RAV

I have a Rav4.2. When I put my reg details in on the Black Circles tyre website, it says my RAV has 215/70/16. But that's wrong as it is factory fitted with 235/60/16.

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Hi rogsmith.

The 215/70 R16 is the "standard" size on the 4.2 rav. The sport edition has an alternative tyre size as standard( 235/60 R16 ), this size is slightly smaller in diameter than 215/70R16. So if you want to find a alternative tyre size you can use a tyre size calculator. If you do this, then you need to use the 215/70R16 size as standard ( because of the +- 5% size change thats legale by law )

You can use both sizes with no problem, the 215/70R16 wil give you a slightly lower fuel consumtion and lower revs then the 235/60R16, but the 235 wil give you a more " sporty look "

I use 215/70R16 on my winter set and 235/60R16 (soon 255/65R16) on my summer set.

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