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Air Induction Kit

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Guys I need your helping possible

I bought a corolla t sport at the weekend. It's a 52 plate with only 60k miles and FULL Toyota service history. I love the car but have noticed it has a big cone shaped induction kit on. Now don't get me wrong a like the noise it makes but I'm concerned it may cause issues at some point Witt the car. What are your thoughts? Everything else on the car is standard to my knowledge.



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Cone induction kit sounds the nuts on vvtlis.... But without a proper cold air feed to it youll be just sucking up hot air from the engine bay which will give you a slight powerloss ;)

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Some people argue that the cheaper ones can be a little poor at air filtration, so your MAF ends up covered in dirt and obviously your letting contaminents into your engine. Probably worth checking and cleaning your MAF with some carb cleaner and a cotton bud every now and again.

A few people have had issues with the MAF wires stretching and breaking on the typhoon as well, probably worth getting them extended if they dont have enough much play as when the engine goes into lift it can rock slightly as you can see on some rolling road youtube videos.

But generally they dont cause much of an issue.

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well mate ye its all well and good having that type induction kit but install a cold air feed coz all you are sucking is hot air under the bonnet and if you dont want to put in a cold air feed just throw back on a standard air filter and you might actually notice that you will have a slight bit more power coz you wont be taking in the same amount of hot air

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