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Winter Driving

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are you putting Winter tyres on it?

Obviously a Freelander can cope with conditions that an Avensis won't but you should be OK unless you live at the top of a hill with an unploughed road/track leading up to it ... ;0

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Oops! I live at the bottom of an unploughed track,this winter will be interesting.

Good job you didn't buy a Merc or a BMW then, now that would have been very interesting :naughty: .

I found mine pretty good over the past few years to be honest even with All Weather tyres.


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Just purchased Avensis t2 d-4d to replace Freelander.Can anyone give an opinion as to how it will drive in snow?

the best result to have a studded tires, for sure

but good winter tyres works fine, as well

i dislike all seazon tyres in winter

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Studded tyres are illegal for road use in the UK.

Winter tyres are available though.

you might be right with studs

i m not awared with regulations in the UK


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I drove yesterday in winter conditions.

I saw somebody saying something about Merc and BMW.

First, I find rear wheel driving easier to control (I'm used to driving rear wheel drive since I was 18). If you have good winter tires, you get by easily. The car skids? More Poweeerrr!

The Avensis, is lower than most of the competition, so you might have a few problems if there is a "crest" or if the road is not properly "cleared" in the middle, but that was not the case in my driving.

I was warned ( my "off-road driving" includes a few difficult spots where I like to fish or ski ) that were not comparable to the competition such as Ford, VW, or Skoda, but I did not manage to scrape the bottom of the Avensis yet.

So, I say, it's all about having good tyres and , most important of them all is that piece that you can find between the driver's seat and the steering wheel.

Best regards


BTW, do you guys know what the official ground clearance is on the 2003-2007 Avensis vs the competition?

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