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Brake And Clutch Fluid

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Thanks, that is what I thought. Left my car for service. I got call telling me that they need to replace brake and clutch fluid. Had a short conversation as brake fluid change was part of service plan. Toyota guy called me 10 mins later. He said OK brake fluid change FOC but I have to pay for clutch fluid replacement(?). Am I missing something?

I drive 1.6 petrol.

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Well unless someone knows different I have only one reservoir and as far as I know it feeds both. There is only one cap so how you change one without the other is a mystery. The reason brake fluid is changed is because it can absorb moisture and under extreme braking conditions this moisture can turn to vapour and you loose braking. Forgive me if you already knew this.

I would ask the Guy why the clutch fluid needed changing and ask to be shown where the filler is should you need to top it up in future :ermm:

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Although the brake and clutch share the same reservoir any moisture in the clutch fluid pipework is much less of an issue. It will come down to the fact that just the brakes are the "recognised" work to be done and as long as the moisture content in the fluid in the reservoir is within spec then there's no issue. Now we all know that to do a "proper" job should include the clutch and its easy to get to and do but in practice it probably just doesn't happen. Even if there is moisture in that line, the quantity of fluid is small in relation to the fresh fluid in the reservoir and brake lines and so is not an issue.

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