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Clutch Reliability

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I am about to get a 59 aygo blue (manual) I have heard alot about the clutch in the aygo wearing quickly. Does anyone know how true/common this problem is and also if there is any difference in lifespan between the manual and semi auto Aygos. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

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Aygo produced 2009 and after have a bigger and more robust clutch. If I was buying a used Aygo today, I would definitely check that it was 2009 or later AND that the water pump was of the newer variety (or changed to newer variety) besides all other good advice in this forum.

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Clutch wear is generally down to driver behaviour - the poor original Aygo fitment merely exacerbated clutch wear due to riding the clutch, slipping it etc etc. With a second hand vehicle you have no idea how it has been driven by previous owners, so how long it will last is always a lottery.

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