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A Few Small Questions

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How's things lads,

Just recently bought a 2002 1.6vvti saloon and i find the steering slightly heavy when at low revs, i.e. parking etc, does anyone else notice this ??? ive had a fair few corollas in the past and dont remember the steering being any way heavy ??

another question,

does any1 know if it is easy to change the inside fan resistor ?? i need mine changed as my fan doesnt work on "lo" or "2", only on "3" and "hi", it's more annoying than you'd think coz it's hard to regulate the temperature to a bearable degree when the windows start fogging up and you need hot air !!

last question,

my clocks dont always read as they should when i start the car,

the fuel gauge and the engine temp gauge are the only 2 affected,

if i tap the clocks the needles come up to where they should be but does anyone know if it's just a loose connection or are the clock themselves dodgy, i know it'll take all of 2 minutes to take out the clocks and check the connection but i just havent had the chance yet !!

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