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Beeping Mystery. Help Please.

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I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris. Recently it began to do beep sound right after i turn on ignition with "start" button. No malfunction light are on so i don't know what can it be.

It beeps every second.

Then after ignition off/on few times it disappears. What could it be?

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The alarm can bleep all the time if the drivers door is open and you press the start button and if the engine is already running and you open the door.

but i think you would noticed this yourself.

Maybe a disconnection of the Battery may reset things,but you will lose some of things like radio station presets etc.

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Mine beeps when the Battery is low in my keyfob for keyless entry. Only a thought but I've had to change the Battery once every 2 years or so with mine. From memory mine only beeped when turning ignition off though. Hope that helps somewhat, if not I hope you get it sorted mate :)

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