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Corolla Parking Sensors Giving Continuous Beeps

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Hi guys, I have recently bought a corolla. however there is a problem with the parking sensors, they just emit a continuous loud beep, doesn't change when getting closer to an object etc. the system is factory fitted and although I was made aware by previous owner, of the fault however as I am still Waiting for logbook. anybody have any idea of what the problem could be or will I have to go into local dealership.when my registration arrives.

thanks in advance

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I have only ever had after market reversing sensors but think you need to first check out the sensors.

Strong chance one or more of them may be faulty or shorted with corrosion at the back.

If not the control unit or wiring would be suspect, but do not know where that is.

Be sure to get a quote first as though a small thing it might be expensive to repair - my complete diy one only cost £20.

You don't need the log book to have your car repaired by Toyota, they have the cars details on their computer system.

btw - you say you are still waiting for the log book ? - do you mean for the previous owner to send it to you, or for it to come back from the dvla after the transfer of ownership ; would be a bit concerned if it was the former.

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thanks for the reply

I think your right mate, one of the sensors is probably faulty, i just wanted to see if anyone had any idea what and how i should check the sensors before i take the car in. i have found the whole factory fitted system online for about £100+fitting so i hope they're not too expensive to fix it.

I don't use them personally and find it surprisingly easier to park the corolla than my old Yaris, but i'm not 100% confident in wife's ability to park in tight spaces so would rather have them working just in case :-)

And yes waiting for DVLA to post new logbook.

I wonder if i could use existing holes for a diy kit? just in case Toyota want an arm and a leg

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Would think the diy sensors will physically fit in place of the Toyota ones, there is a fair lid to them, use silicone to seal them regadless.

Not sure if they are compatible electrically

Mine were the ebay cheapy types but the silver ones were a perfect colour match.

Though they have worked ok for over 2 years they are a little bit slow to respond compare to some other I have used.

They have saved me having an accident without even moving ! in the supermarket car park folk just walk right behind you as you are just about to pull out - so easy to miss them even when looking both ways.

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