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Immobiliser Problem

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Hello all (again)

Ok yet another little problem but one that links to something i have already asked about.My key fob isnt very good,i suppose it is 15 odd years old.I have gone to open the car tonight and having pressed the button which now is almost inside the case it wouldnt open the car,(yeah yeah you have guessed it)

I had to open with the key and i have set the immobiliser so it wont start now.What do i need to do as i wasnt told when i purchased the car.I have had to leave it at work and could really do with getting it sorted.Many thanks.

Ok i have gone up to my car with the 2nd key fob i had which is held together with tape and thankfully that has opened the car and worked straight away.No more locking with the buttons for me its the key all the way from now on,what a !Removed! pain.

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Hello mate,

Yeah your probably correct.The trouble is the fob itself isnt in the best condition the button is almost sitting inside the case as it is so i may just stick with the old fashion key in the lock.Whoever designed these fobs didnt seem to give them much thought no wonder they arnt used any more.

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