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Vsc/trc Warning Light

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Hi guys ,new member here ,i have a 2005 1.8 vvti ,the other day the vsc/trc warning light came on ,so thought oh book in for a diagnostics check to see whats going down ,then later on that evening driving home put the main beam on and the speedo stopped working ,took it of main beam and the speedo came back ,that happened all the way home ,then the Mrs drove it to work the next day and had no speedo at all, I got it booked in to get diagnostic checked and on the way down to the garage the speedo started working then it stopped and carried on doing this all the way to the garage where it is now ,just wondered if anyone had any ideas ,possible speed sensor perhaps??

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There is a plug on the gearbox that can cause problems. Take it off and give it a squirt with WD40. Make sure your Battery leads are clean and tight. It will beep at you when you disconnect the Battery. Don't worry about that.

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