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Prius T Spirit Sep 2012 - Terrboble Dashboard Rattles

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I have a 2011 Prius T-Spirit. There are no dashboard rattles at all. Suggest you get the dealer to sort the problem out. Our Prius runs very quiet except on rough roads then we get some door rattles but nothing from the dash. Ensure you have nothing rattling in glove boxes etc.

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Yup. It is a known problem. There are a number of 'gen3 rattles' stories on the forum and over on prius chat.

There are also tips on where to locate the rattles and how to stop them.

Mine has a developed a few rattles over the years.

Some the dealer has fixed (there are some official toyota fixes) and others I have fixed myself.

But, there are gen3s that don't have any problem with rattles. YMMV

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If you push the dashboard above the centre airvents towards the screen does the rattle stop?

Had a really annoying rattle that was "cured" by doing this. Final fix was putting felt strips between the dash and the instrumnet cluster surround - there is a gap between the dash and the cluster and this is where the rattle was. I found the info for a fix a by "googling" prius dash board rattle and this fix came from soemone in the US. I gave the details to my unusually helpful dealer and they applied the fix.

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