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Rav4 D4D 2002 Rpm Jumping While Cold, Stalling.

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So it became colder in my country (-15C) and one morning my Rav just didn't start up! I still had half a tank summer diesel left (high mpg, you know :D ) and i added like quarter of tank of winter diesel, it was fine for a few days, but than a colder weather came an car just died!

My first thought was to replace fuel filter, so I did an I emptied my diesel tank and fillet it with winter fuel and after long starting, engine came back to life, but rpm was jumping a lot (1100-2500rpm) while engine was cold. When it heated a bit, rpm came to normal ~1200 on Idle Up.

Than I took it for a ride. At first I thought it was ok, but than I switched in fourth and pressed on gas pedal harder and it didn't accelerate past 2500rpm, stalled for a bit and then engine like cut off for a moment and then it started to accelerate, it repeated many times till car just stopped.

After long starting engine started again and i drove to my garage as if nothing happened (no stalling, no engine stopping).

The next day everything repeated but this time problem didn't just disappear. I barely got home, engine just kept cutting out till car fully stopped.

Does anyone had similar problem?

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