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My Aygo is due to get its brake pads, and discs changed. I ve seen some kids with pads, and discs. However I ve seen some adverts which sell pads only and they come with clips. What are these clips and do I need them?

Also is it recommended to change the brake fluid at the same time?

I ve attached pic of said clips.


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I can't see very well from the picture,

but they look like the very thin spring steel inserts which

fit between the pads and the pad holder.

Where the pads fit in the holder, these give a smooth surface on which the pads

slide. this prevents them sticking (rusting) in place.

The original ones take a couple of minutes to get looking as

shiny as a mirror using a wire brush.

They just unclip. don't know what "yours" are made of but the original Toyota

ones appear to be stainless steel.

I'd rather spend a couple of minutes cleaning the originals but people like

"disposable" these days.


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Thank you for your relpies and input. I m still unsure if I will need them or not or just use the originals. I found another pic put there seems to be more clips in this pack. Other internet searches show other cars need clips. Any brake specialists online?


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Either will do.

You will have to use a set, either new or old.

Older cars didn't have these and the pads tended to stick in place.

Careful cleaning etc. is time consuming, these are a labour saving device more than anything else.

I'd happily use either.

The originals will last for years,

aftermarket ones are probably not too bad.

They'll certainly last the life of the pads.

(and probably the discs) on an Aygo.

My EBC pads didn't come with new ones so I cleaned the old ones.

If I bought pads WITH new clips, I'd fit them.

Simply your choice.


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Genuine kits tend to come with replaceable hardware that includes (as has been said previously) pad retaining clips but also caliper bolts which, strictly speaking, should also be renewed.

I bought genuine pads/discs fom eBay and recently posted my experience on completing the change.

My view is, replaceable hardware is a good idea as it should prevent issues going forwards.

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Most if not all retaing clips are made for spring steel which deteriorates when heated so regardless of the apparent the condition of the existing clips they will have lost a some of their elasticity. Now we all know brake pads, etc get hot when in use.

Plus why scrimp on a few quid when it comes to the most important safety aspect of your car.

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Thank you ALL for your replies, and for answering my question. New brake pads with CLIPS ten it is. Although I m not sure if the garage will use them. I was orginally going to get a pack like this:


No clips with the brake pads here.

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If you read the description, you will note these are NOT genuine parts, but some unknown (to me) manufacturer. These type of parts don't tend to come with all the necessary hardware. I bought my genuine pads/discs from a genuine Toyota franchise on eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Aygo-Front-Brake-Discs-Pads-PAIR-07-BNIB-/160790588357?) - and although their price has gone up slightly, I can thoroughly recommend them; and for only a few £ more surely you'd want peace of mind?

If you must look at cheaper, I would look at EuroCarParts as they will atleast offer parts from Jurid or ATE who are very well respected brands for again not too much money than your eBay listing (after discount). When it comes to stuff like brakes, I'd rather pay a extra for peace of mind!

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