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Warning Light For Brakes

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There's no warning light (at least not on my 2003 4.2) - but the genuine T. pads are equipped with a "pad wear warning device". It consists of a small angled spring steel item that contacts the disc when the pad lining gets down to 1-2mm, and should emit a nasty squeal when you lean on the brake pedal. That's all assuming it's actually there, and working, and hasn't been removed.

Brake pads are easy to see. Replace when lining is down to 2mm (it's about 12-15mm when new). The Toyota pads are easy to replace. Squeeze the caliper piston back in with a G-clamp, but take most of the brake fluid out of the reservoir first - when the piston is retracted, it displaces a hell of a lot of fluid! (And needs quite a lot to maintain level in normal service use.)

I find genuine Toyota pads really good, long-life, and quiet, even if somewhat pricey. Make sure all the shims go back in place in the correct order, and are all copper-greased on both sides. (The shims are available separately, as a front or back 'kit', which does both LH and RH wheels.)


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