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Owners Basic Car Maintenance Manuals (Not Repair Manuals) For Avensis

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I am the proud owner of a 2003 Avensis 1.8 Petrol.

Being a new driver, I wanted to learn more about basic maintenance and looking for an owners manual directly from toyota.

I downloaded (of course wrongly) the repair manual which is greek and latin at the moment for me it is sort of deep see diving.

I am looking for the general user manual and general maintenance guide.

I tried Haynes mauals but there isnt one in the market for my model.

Tried a lot online but couldnt locate one.

I had questions right from the engine Oil dip stick(which had 2 dots and no marked min and max levels which is normally as per the books) to the car controls initially (now well versed with all the controls)

Any pointers welcome

Thanks in advance



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For my 2004 Avensis (D-4D), I use the haynes manual for the corolla ... it has the same engine and surprisingly similar mechanics for the rest of the car... so far very similar for the jobs I have had to perform (basic service, cambelt, brakes, air con etc...

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thank you Jake.

I asked a seller of Haynes manual on ebay and I got a reply that it may not suit my year of manufacture.

If things havent changed between 2003 Jan and 2004 (your cars manufacture date), then I can surely go for it.

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