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Avensis Verso 2.0 D-4D T Spirit 127,000 Miles 2004

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Hi there

After 11 trouble free years with my 1.8 1999 GLS avensis 161.000 miles it could be time for a change to the above verso model.

Can anybody tell me if there are any big problems with the above type of vehicle & would anyone recommed it???.

Any input would be helpful.



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Thanks for the info but from what other posts i have looked at it seems that unless the car i am looking at has already had these warranty problems (Oil burning/Head Gasket/DMF Failures) sorted it may be one s to steer clear of.



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ok Oil burning is usually the vvti engine which is petrol.

headgasket is normally the AD engine.

Im pretty sure the one your refering to is 1cd-ftv 115bhp also fitted in my avensis, I have not known since being on this forum for this engine to suffer.

regards to dmf most diesels these days are fitted with DMF's.

just make sure it has good service history and serviced on schedule every 10,000, you cannot go wrong with these d4d engines. plenty of help on these forums.

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