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Sr180 Tyre Pressures?

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Hi all

Just done my routine check on the auris and the front tyres look abit low. What do you guys put in yours front and rear and what does toyota suggest?

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I run mine quite high at 40psi. Grip seems to be fine and the harder tyres seem to help with economy.

That said, in this weather with greasy roads and ice, 32psi is probably better if you 'enjoy' driving the car. I drive for economy so 40psi works for my driving style.

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According to the tyre pressure label which is on the pillar when you open the drivers door , the fronts are 36psi and the rears are 32psi ........if you are driving under 100mph of course !

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It'll be in the handbook, and I think either on the driver's door pillar or in the glovebox?

It's usually 30-32psi unloaded and 35psi for loaded/'highspeed'.

I normally use 40 front and 35 back for economy, although not at this time of winter! ;)

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