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D4D 2.0 Rav 4 Loss Of Power

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Hi All,

Just started having problems with our 2004 2.0D Rav 4, loss of power over 2500 revs. engine light came on, code 1251. Turn ignition off, restarts fine. Had major service 6 weeks ago, all filters changed, SCV changed in April 2012.

Its now round at our local Diesel Specialist and they are running out of idea's as they have tested and tried everything. They seem to think it could be ECU related but need a wiring diagram, anyone got one or any other idea's??

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You and several others at the moment. From memory, P1250 is turbo overboost but that doesn't always mean a turbo fault - just it goes out of range at times.You could try the VSV and make sure the turbo link is dead free to the vac unit. Here is the wiring diagram;

Engine wiring.pdf

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I'm having a similar problem with 02 d4d rav, seems to be caused by turbo over boost as problem goes away when I disconnect the vacuum hose from the vsv to the turbo actuator. Not sure what the root cause is though thinking it is a faulty vsv or a ecu problem not sending signal to vsv to shut off vacuum to turbo via vsv

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