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Corolla T-Sport 2003 Running Real Bad After Lift But No Dash Lights At

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long time since i have been on here

but cant say im glad to be back as now the trusty old t sport has gone to pot

so here goes

3rd gear into lift over taking traffic, get to near red line and then change and all the power has gone but i manage to get it home sound like a petrol rotivator or better description would be a subaru

get it home thinking sound like it may be running on three

so take off coils and check the new spark plugs i put in the other month look ok but slightly oily on the threads? still sound like running on three if its over fuling? (im no machanic so correct me if im wrong)

checked mas air flow sensor looks fine

all wires on typhoon checked (but i have extened wires years ago never no problem plus trc and the other light comes on when there is a problem with that

checked all under the car and down no sign of any holes or any thing

i try and turn it over and only starts with gas if i let gas off cuts out , and if i give it a little to much gas on start up it sounds like getting a banging noise through the filter

when i do have it running with the little bit of gas to keep it ticking over the engine is rocking which i have never notice before now and i no is not normal

only other thing i can think of is one of the coil packs???

but how do i check it?

take one off at a time and start car see if it sounds worse? is there a way of testing the coil its self with multimeter i know i could try taking plug out puting in coil and turning it over and see if it sparks to the head but im on my own and no 1 to turn car over lol

the big problem though is no check engine lights on at all which makes me think its machanical and not electrical?

which defeats object of it bein coils as its electrically controled?

i have trolled the forum and i have seen the running rough threads but all have the check lights on mine dont hope its just a coil or a sensor

could it be snapped lift bolts? would that make it run bad?

im clutching at straws lol

im going to have a brew in front of the t sport and rack my brains and then come back on here see if any one can shed light many thanks


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so i just took off the pulgs on the coils and tried starting with each one off 1 at a time and still sounds the same just harder to start and the noise is the air coming back through the filter like its back fireing through there?

if there is no engine check light on the dash would there still be codes for a dignostics machine to pick up?

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Did you change gear from 3rd to 2nd (instead of 4th) by mistake?

Maybe the car over-reved and your exhaust valves hit the pistons. And some of the exhaust valves (i.e. on the 4th cylinder) are bent.

In order to check that, go to an engine repair shop and check the compression ratio of all cylinders. If one (or more) of them has lower compression ratio then you found your problem. You must change at least all the exchaust valves (or additionally the inlet valves - if they are not intact).

Also, as you said, check if one (or both) of the lift bolts have snapped and replace them. In any case, do not start the car as in case either a lift bolt has snapped or a valve is bent (and may be cut off and fall in the fire-chamber) you will deteriorate the damage.

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