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New Front Bumper Costs

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Well yesterday could of been better, i was genuinely looking forward to the snow......that......was until i was driving home early from work. Needless to say, turning onto my street wasnt the best as a road off it goes down a hill,car drifts down the hill, i bump into the front of Range Rover. A scratch on her car, bump on mine then notice a crack in the bumper.

Enough waffling, i would like a new bumper. Just after rough estimates on how much a new one, or used one would cost to have sprayed and fitted? Finding used ones for between 65 and 90quid. Would £200 be a good guess for having it sprayed and fitted????

Please dont judge, i'm not a typical 'woman driver' just my first time in the snow haha.


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Yeah I will always avoid going direct to them. Will probably wait a couple of months as the damage idle minor,they may well be able to just stick the crack together then respray. Got to think about this quote the lady I bumped into gives me lol luckily is was a little dint and minor scratch.


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