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Well car has been a pain since getting my new engine fitted, not as much of a pain as the dealer though.

It is a 2007 2.2 xtr with 53000 miles on it now.

Here is a quick over veiw,

Bought car in August, handed it back two weeks later with,

1. engine failure issue,

2. knock from steering.

3. vibration through car.

dealer advised they will fit new engine.

i asked about condition of clutch and fly wheel whilst engine out, dealer advised fly wheel fine but clutch a bit worn, i paid for new clutch.

Picked car up and dealer reported nothing found wrong with steering or vibration issue.

Car has never been right since new engine fitted, it has been in and out of work shop with rough running, knocking noise, vibrations and i have asked to reject the car.

This request has been refused by the dealer and my credit card company under section 75 claim.

the reason for rejecting my claim is the dealer says he is happy to fix car.

Car sent back to dealer last week, I am now being told by the dealer new service manager though, that the vibration i can feel is a failed flywheel, this is the same dealer that said it was okay when he changed the engine and i paid for a new clutch. the dealer is also saying that the flywheel is not covered by any warranty i have.

They are also dismissing the steering knock by just saying they know about the issue but can't feel any knock on my car. i have also got the squeeling from the fuel filter housing now. They are saying this is not a fault and they wont fix it.

So questions i have.

1. is the filter noise going to cause any issues or just a noise?

2. should a flywheel be covered by the sale of goods act after 2 weeks?

3. anyone want to buy a cheap XTR


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1. is the filter noise going to cause any issues or just a noise?

Never heard of a fuel filter or its housing making any kind of noise !! How could it ??

2. should a flywheel be covered by the sale of goods act after 2 weeks?

If its the original flywheel it wont be covered by the sale of goods act as it is far to old. Your issue is with the Dealership with a complaint of misdiagnosis by the technitian but I cant see how you can get them to pay for it as they were offering best advice as they saw it on the day...

3. anyone want to buy a cheap XTR

Thanks But no thanks.

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As far as I know the fuel filters are only noisy on 4.2s. It is caused by excess diesel originating from the HP pump resonating the internal valves as it is forced back to the tank. What sort of noise are you talking about?

Even if they find the knock they are not obliged to fix it. You have a 2007 car and I'd like to see you force any manufacturer to fix it UNLESS you can demonstrate it was investigated inside the warranty period from paperwork. In which case you might get TGB to make a gesture but I doubt you would get another manufacturer to stop laughing at the notion.

The clutch parts and the work should be guaranteed but in law you have to give the repairer chance to fix it. If they fitted a clutch to a failed flywheel you might have some comeback through TGB especially if your subsequent complaints are all documented. I would phone customer services and ask if they will authorise a second opinion with a view to having the flywheel changed without the labour you have already paid. You might have to argue with the dealer about who will pay for the flywheel given that you bought it off them.

Did you not feel this vibration during the test drive?

Or of course you sell it. That is going to cost you one way or another.

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