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Purchasing A High Mileage 2010 Avensis 2.0 T4 D4-D Tourer

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some buying advice. My wife currently has a 2011 Avensis TR 2.0 D4-D 4-door as a company car, but she's changing jobs so will be giving the car back shortly.

We've been really happy with the Avensis and are looking to buy one ourselves - going for a tourer as we've found the saloon's boot a little restrictive with buggy and child paraphernalia!

I've found a 2010 Avensis 2.0 T4 D4-D Tourer - a nice upgrade on our TR - for a reasonable price. The car was registered in June 2010, so it still has 2.5 years of Toyota warranty on it, with one owner and a full Toyota service history. The catch is that it's got around 70,000 miles on the clock.

This is obviously a very high mileage for a 2.5 year old car - should I be steering clear of it, or is it worth further consideration? What sort of questions should I be asking the dealer?

I'd appreciate any input from you all.

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if it still has 2.5 years warranty (must have been 1 of the first with a 5 year warranty) then you should also be covered for upto 100,000 miles.

If it's been a fleet car then chances are that it's been well maintained & pounding up & down motorways is less stressful than in town stop start.

Obviously check for FSH, try to find out previous owner & what it was used for - as a T4 I doubt that it would have been a general pool car.

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If the price is right I would buy it especially if you won't be racking up the miles on it, if this is the case then you will stay in warranty for the next couple of years and the mileage on the car will get nearer to the average. If you go for it (after haggling on the price etc) then make sure it has the 3 keys and the satnav dvd if it has one.

Regards Pete.

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70,000 might seem high but on a modern diesel its nothing. As long as its servicing is up to date you should be fine. Look for receipts as any old monkey can stamp up a service book. If possible ring the place that serviced it, tell them you are looking at buying it and ask them about it. A quick internet search should bring up their phone number.

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