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Fuel Usage In Cold Weather

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I have a 2008 Auris sr 180 , with 30,000 miles , purchased at the start of last year . I have been so far delighted with it, however recently its fuel consumption has dropped by about 5 -8 mpg during cold weather . It takes an age to heat up to its normal temp i commute about 15miles to work . Is this normal ??

i ordered Millers eco boost , will this help ?

any advice gratefully accepted .

I tried to put pics of ,as my wife staes " my baby" but failed will try again soon

red al

update appears success on pics





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Yes this is normal for an SR180 I can't comment on other models.

Fuel consumption really takes a dip this time of year when it is cold.

Short drives really take their toll and tick over will still be high and temp gauge not up to normal operating temp.

With my car I will also get plenty of white smoke until it gets up to temp after idling which makes accelerating from traffic lights interesting.

To this end I try to avoid short stop start journeys in cold weather pinching my wife's Yaris petrol not a Auris solution only a workaround.


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thanks pete , i will put up with it as the car has been excellent so far . You describe exactally the same symptoms as myself apart from the " white smoke" which so far i have not had

good tip for " borrowing" my missuses motor :spiteful:

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Millers (From Brighouse, West Yorkshire) Eco gear is good stuff. But not as good as BG244 or better still Archoil 6200 http://www.powerenhancer.co.uk/product.php/385/archoil-ar6200-fuel-modification-complex--combustion--burn-rate-modifier-lubricant

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