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56 PLATE Aygo Black Vvt-ic






How much do you guys thinks its worth

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2500 to 3000 I reckon.. lots of miles for a small engine so may get lower end of that price.

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That rings an alarm in my head, but not sure why.

Are you buying or trying to get a price to sell or already bought it and wondering?

With that mileage I wouldn't pay £2500 for any small car. On a quick look there is a similar one on Auto Trader right now asking for £2495, but with only 57,000 miles on it. So I'd think with over 100k on the clock and a bit of bartering ... about £1500?

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Look for a lower mileage Aygo. 103,000 miles is a lot for a small engine car, even if it has a full service history. Personally I wouldn't pay more than £2000 for it.

The following is from Parker's website for a 56/2006 5-door Aygo Black VVT-i with 70,000 miles:

  • Original Price

  • Franchised Dealer

  • Independent Dealer

  • Private Good

  • Private Poor

  • Part Exchange

The prices above are based on:

A mileage of 70,000 (average for age)

Options selected: None

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Hes text me saying he would like 2400

I bought it for my partner but failed her test so selling it but ive looked thru paperwork n last yr mot n is showin 79k. year b4 that 68k so does seem alot in 1 yr mite try n see if i can get the mileage checked sumhow

what you guys think offer 2000

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Very high mileage and a couple of reasons to be cautious: 1) Only has the green slip and not the full V5C, 2) Big jump in annual mileage from date of last MOT.

As has been said already, 103K is a lot of road on a 998cc 3 cylinder engine irrespective of how it's been maintained or driven (the latter being an unknown factor as is the number of previous owners, at least for now. Apart from the wear and tear on the engine there is also the transmission, bearings, steering & suspension bushes to consider - they've all done 103K too! This is going to be a tired car with some major expenses looming.

If you really must buy then I think that £2K would be the absolute upper limit and I'd be offering well below that to start with. If he won't play ball then walk away. For £2.5K you can get a much lower mileage example. There are plenty adverised on the web.


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Mines a 2009 Blue. There's quite a lot of whinging about the quality of the audio system but to be honest I find it perfectly adequate. Having said that, I'm not really into audio stuff. Maybe if I was then I recognise it's short comings but as things stand I'm happy enough.

My improvements have been more practically based. To date I've fitted a larger rear windscreen wiper blade, front & rear flaps, glovebox lid and leather gear shift gaiter (the cheap and nasty original was torn). I've just ordered a set of stainless steel sill plates because the sill paintwork is very vunerable to scuffing and scratching. I may get around to fitting a front passenger door light switch but I haven't decided on whether I can be bothered!

I'd like a rev counter but to be honest I can't really justify the cost and it's hardly a necessity. Maybe if I can source a cheap used one then perhaps....

About the only other thing I'd consider is a Scangauge or similar. The lack of decent instrumentation is an issue but a Scangauge would resolve that nicely. It's another expensive after market accessory so the jury is still out.

I suppose the audio system is something that could be improved by fitting a fancier head unit and super duper Speakers but the reality is that no matter how much you spend, the engine and road noise will always be a very limiting factor to the best sound quality. You can't reproduce your fine living room sound quality in any car.


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sounds good im going to look in to a larger rear windscreen Wiper Blades and the front & rear flaps to start of with

i like the look of the unit thats in and i haven't seen one that would look as good in its place it really fits in with the car.

anyone know if this would connect to the back of the Aygo HU

Toyota Yarus Mk1 iPhone / IPOD connection unit.


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