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T3 / Terra Audio Controls (Satellite Type)

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For T2 owners who want add audio controls to their cars, I have a cheap and quick solution that I made myself to my car.

First time I tried putting 5 push switches in well known place, inside airbag "wings" which I painted them in silver, pict0015mu.jpg

but faced two problems; first, airbag "wings" have reinforcements in the backside and second, my spiral cable has only one circuit (for horn). Finally, I decided adopting another solution, steering column audio controls satellite; dsci0224y.jpg

so, I bought a second hand focus 1 audio controls satellite (for only 10 quid), disassembled it in parts, removed original 4 SMD rezistors and put another 5, that Auris player requires. I modiffied satellite's base, cutting it's tail shape support/mount and making a flat surface in order to install it against the steering wheel column cover with 3 screws. dsci0226n.jpg

Then I made 4 holes in column cover (3 for screws and another for wires) and I fit the satellite in designed place; finally fitted a small connector and stuck it backside of cover. dsci0228x.jpg

Connecting to headunit is pretty simple because there are wires that start from backside of headunit and finish backside of spiral cable.

Satellite works like a charm and looks very well. Only one thing I don't like, how "mode" switch is programmed to work; so, I'll change it's destination, insteed "mode" it will work as trip computer switch; modification is very simple, cut red wire and connect it to original trip computer swich, backside of clocks.

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Latest update; pcs. with satellite fitted on steering column;



and audio "MODE" function is replaced with trip computer "DISP" function - works great. :clap:

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New steering wheel has come !

Actually, it's my old PU steering wheel which was looking like this ...


... and that I gave it to a professional guy to wrap it in leather, and he has done the job very well (brilliant ! ).


Next days I'll fitted it up and upload new pcs .

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Mate, you are doing a lot to make your car better spec. But why not if you can add afterwards everything you want and need :) I like your keychains around air vent controls!

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Yep, I'm never satisfied about standard cars regardless of the make, every time I feel the need to modify every car I own.

Keychains around climate control buttons and gear shift lever garnish (made by myself) are impressive, they change dash look indeed.

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