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Heater Problem

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Not many celica owners on here, seems to be quite a lot of new members posting in here though. I'm not on here very often, you could wait a while if anyone is able to help you.

I don't know the answer, your getting hot air, could be matrix/problem with the electronics in the climate control unit, wouldn't say thermostat or air in the coolant as you said it's getting hot on one side. Have you checked for any blockages anywhere.

Which setting is causing the heat to come out on passenger side, you have about 6 different settings for blowing air in different places, have you checked them all?

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They should do, there should only be 2 different climate controls the manual with turn knobs and electronic version which you should have in your 190.

Another thing to check is, the heater matrix where the heat comes from into the cabin it's somewhere behind the dash I believe, could do with checking if that gets warm or not, I also think they have a kind of moving door on them, so if it's fully open hot air and fully closed cold air, door could be faulty, but I'd imagine if the door was faulty the air would be the same temp through all the vents and not just hot through one and cold through the rest, but it's something you could check, but I don't know where the matrix actually is, I know the pollen filter is behind the glovebox, don't know if it's sround there or not as i've not actually seen the matrix.

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