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Head Gasket Concern And Toyota Dealers

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Hi all ,

Got a SR180 and so far so good. I live somewhere inbetween the Toyota dealers in Derby and Ilkeston and was wondering if anybody has had an engine replacement done at any of these or anywhere in the East Midlands. Just like to use someone who knows about this concern as i have seen posts where some dealers have denied all knowledge.



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Definitely not.

Only Toyota knows the exact figures but it's probably under 5% & they have extended the warranty for the issue on affected cars upto 7 years/180000km.

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I had my engine replaced on my Auris T180. See my thread under Auris T180 Oil Consumption. RMB is where I purchased and where I returned it. Must admit found them very helpful, but after years of Toyota ownership I don not think I will buy another.....

The only thing they check on is the service history, it does not have to be fully Toyota as long as the garage is VAT registered and obviously serviced according to the manufacturers guidelines. See my thread about notchy gears afterwards, hopefully they will not make the Ashe mistake !!


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