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Heater/fan Controls - What Lamps Will I Need?

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The top bulb behind the fan dial (footwell direction) has blown? It started to work intermittently ages ago but has now stopped lighting up. Does anyone know what lamp will be needed? That way I can just remove the panel once.

It's still dimly lit by the others so not a big problem. Just like to keep everything working as it should.


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There are some tiny little capless bulbs in there. I would say they are about 5mm in diameter. I THINK it is these;


Coloured ones;


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Cheers Anchorman,

I've ordered some ready for the swap out. I went for clear as I hope the orange glow is caused through the sticker and not the actual lamp.

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Ok so I grappled to get the heater control cables removed from the back of the heater panel. After taking apart the heater control panel I got to the lamps. They have a small soft plastic cover which gives the clear glass an orange glow. The lamps however are not the type I ordered. Aaaaargh.

The ones in this are even smaller. Hopefully I can find some tomorrow.



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Some of these instrument panel lamps come complete with a spot-welded-in miniature lamp. Others are push-and-twist lamp sockets, and the lamp is of the capless variety - it will just pull out.

If of the first type, you can always remove the lamp (somehow), and solder in one of these...


Wattage of dash lamps is usually approx 1W (0.96W those above) - i.e. 12v 0.08A approx.

If you can't fix DIY, then they can't be that expensive from T.


PS Sorry about the red-herring with the LED comment - I was thinking about the wrong bit of the instrument display.

PPS When we bought our 4.2 new in 2003, we found the illumination of the heater controls a bit too bright at night (it doesn't dim with the instrument panel). Sorted by inserting a 100-ohm resistor (placed inside an in-line fuseholder) into the small cable feeding the lamps you are replacing.

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Cheers for the replies. The wire needs to be unwound to release the bulb and although the ones I bought would push in they are too long and the wire far too short to even start winding round.

I have found this page http://www.tlocuk.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2561&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

I just need to drive around today to find some of the sub min bulbs. Don't mind clear or yellow but I will change them all while it's open.

Hopefully the local motorists centre will have some? My local Toyota doesn't keep them in stock. Maybe a model shop? I know they are called Grain of wheat bulbs now. Need to get them fitted and get the dash back together.

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Mission complete!! After trying a few motorist centres, Halfords and a model shop I then went to Maplin. Well they had stock of the yellow lamps but only one of them. The other two stores within driving distance had only two each. I then went to a model railway store which had the "grain of wheat" lamps in various colours. The yellow ones I fitted were half the size of the originals but seem similar brightness. Will see tonight but all back together and looks great again.

In that control panel there is a small pink based lamp. This would light a message about passenger airbag off? Is this legacy from a three door or can we disable the front passenger airbag if a baby seat were to be fitted on it? Although baby Will go on the back seat when the time comes it may be handy to know.


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RS Components just stock everything, all fully documented and spec'd. Farnell's similar.

For those without access to these UK trade suppliers, there's always

- Maplin (shops and on-line) http://www.maplin.co.uk

- Rapid Electronics (on-line) http://www.rapidonline.com

and others.


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