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Dealer Prices For Accessories

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Well im looking to add a few little extras to my new Aygo Blue, and was wondering if anybody had prices for a few things

Glove box

Leather gear knob

I know these things can be seen on ebay but i know from experience, sometimes they are cheaper to buy direct from main dealer

and if anyone has some good ideas of whats good to have please feel free to tell me

Thanks in advance

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Got my glovebox lid from Hull John Roe Toyota via eBay. Genuine part and easy to fit. Looks like it was always there :)

You might also consider sill scuff plates, front & rear mud flaps (the rears are particularly useful), proper leather gear shift gaiter (especially if you're going to fit a leather gear knob), a larger rear windscreen wiper blade and proper Aygo mats.

Apart from the mats (mine came with the car), all was sourced from eBay. The lid & flaps came from Toyota dealers who sell on eBay and the rest was from third parties.

I know for a fact that if I'd walked into to my local dealership I would have paid a lot more for the lid and flaps, yet there are Toyota dealers on eBay who sell the same genuine parts for a lot less. I suppose it has something to with on-line being more cost effective for the seller?

One final thing. I bought some touch paint and clear coat for my Blue. There are loads of on-line retailers who can supply. I forget the paint code for the Aygo Blue but it's called Caymen Blue. The paint code is printed on a sticker affixed to the C pillar rear offside.


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johnsons toyota in wallasey wanted £28 and a few pence for the lid so beware when buying off ebay as you may not be getting a bargain

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Well just an update. Fitted the following already

Glove box cover - Ebay

Rev Counter - Ebay

Leather gaiter - ebay

Genuine Leather gear knob - Parts King

Front Mud flaps - Parts King

Rear Mud flaps - Parts King

ipod Cable - Amazon

So i think the only other accessory i might get would be the Roof Spoiler as i think it really looks good on the car.

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