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Interior Dome Light

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Sorry for asking this noob question.

I am actually looking to change the interoir dome and map yellow lights to LED lights. As well as the boot light.

I've got a few questions:

1) Do i need to install a special wire or fuse or i can just buy the lights off Amazon or ebay and install them.

2) The owner's manual shows that the dome light is 8W, do i need to get an 8W LED light or the normal 1W LED would do?

3) Can changing those lights cause damage to the wiring of the car?

My car is a 2011 Toyota corolla. And i would appreciate if someone explain how to remove the dome light from the dome and the map lights as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure how to change the bulb not seen inside a 2011 model , mine 2001 has a little reses where I put a small flat screwdriver in on the right side of the plastic and prised it open, replaced mine in boot also with 12 LED cluster lights without any trouble, nice and bright now .Won't damage the electrics as most LED only run on 5v and LED's have come a long way now as replacement bulbs for cars.

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