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How To Adjust The Handbrake

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so the handbrake on my new (second hand) aygo is right at the top of tje ratchet inside the car. Do anyone know how to adjust it, i know it not on the outside as i had it lifted up last week at the garage and i snuck a look.

Many thanks


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Hi Emile.

Firstly, you need to remove the handbrake shroud.

If you look straight downwards, there are 2 bolts, 1 each side of the handbrake. In the biro / CD slots.

Remove these. (You will need a socket with a long extension). From memory, 8mm or 10mm.

Pivot the shroud up & forwards. At the rear of the handbrake mechanism, you will see a Nylock

nut on a long threaded rod. Adjust clockwise to take up some of the slack. 8mm or 10mm spanner I think.

Don't overdo it and have your rear brakes sticking on.


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The rear brake shoes might need adjusting manually as the automatic adjusters often don't work efficiently resulting in a long handbrake lever movement. If you adjust the handbrake alone you might me masking the root cause. Incorrectly adjusted brakes are no substitute for correctly adjusted ones.

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Totally agree.

That would me my first job. However......

Without being rude, If somebody asks how to find the rear brake cable adjuster,

I'd suspect they wouldn't be comfortable stripping, re-assembling & adjusting rear shoes.

I'm OK with stuff like that but I'd rather help somebody to take up a bit of slack

rather than them re-assemble the rear shoes wrongly.

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