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Help! Engine Making Whirring Noise...

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Hi guys,

I don't really know anything about car internal workings, but today i've noticed my engine making a really weird whirring noise, a bit like a poorly maintained electric motor when accelerating. it gets higher pitched the higher the revs.

I was wondering if maybe it was because of the cold weather but it hasn't done it before and i use it every day.

does anyone think they know what it might be? it's under guarantee from the dealer but still i'm really worried about it and was hoping someone could enlighten me as to what the problem might be.



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Its possible but it could be other things too.

Is the noise independant of road speed and gear ? If its the alternator it will make the same noise at the same engine speed irrespective of anything else. Even just revving the engine while stationery. Same goes for the water pump bearings and anything driven off the auxilliary drive belt such as tensioner pulleys, air conditioning compressor etc.

Have you checked the Oil level... have to ask :)

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My 1.6 did something similar. There was whirring noise when revs were above 2.5k. Never found out what it was as it "cured" itself after some time and before I managed to get it checked. Shortly after my gerabox packed up so could be realted (?)

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hi guys, sorry for the late reply. it was the water pump. took it to ron brooks and they fixed it under warranty. it turns out, just like when you yourself are poorly you should never self diagnose lol.

she's running perfectly again now. :-D

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Have you checked the Oil level... have to ask smile.png

Yeah, i checked it as soon as i got home that night. it had only been serviced like 2 months before so was still perfect :-)

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