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Loss My Toyota Yaris Alloy Wheels Nut Lock Key

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toyota yaris alloy wheels nut lock key to open my alloy wheel is missing and i cannot able to change my wheel for mot ..

can is possible to get the alloy key back ????????????

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Most tyre fitting centers are able to remove locking nuts using a special tool.........Toyota dealers can supply a replacement key if you have the key lock code............but unless you have your lock code written down somewhere you may have to purchase a replacement wheel lock set

Good luck :)

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in the black plastic box which the locking wheel nuts came in should be a piece of card with the locking wheel key number on it, if you have this box then take the card to a Toyota dealers and order a new key tool. Also in the box should be the original standard wheel bolts/nuts left over when the locking ones were fitted.

This maybe a good time for everyone to check for that box in their cars and write the locking wheel key number in the owners handbook or service book, as you never know when it will come in handy, a bit like the radio code in years gone by.

Regards and good luck as Red Yaris said,


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