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Help And Advice Please......

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Hi all,

I'm just planning a road trip later this year in the USA in a RAV4 :) Travelling 4500 miles from Portland OR to Chicago IL. I've attached a JPG showing a rough route I am planning.

My overall plan is to visit every state in the USA (eventually). I have already visited CA, NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM. I had planned on ending in Chicago as I can get a direct flight back to the UK from here. Places already on my itinerary are: Yellowstone NP and Dallas (Southfork Ranch - yes, I know I am a TV geek!)

If there are any fellow TOC members over in the USA that could give me some advice on places to visit and particularly places I should avoid (especially any neighborhoods to avoid) any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.




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I can't give any advice but it looks like an awesome trip!

I have half considered something like this, partly because I'm fed up of all the big heavy stuff that I want for my truck costing twice as much here with shipping and tax, I wanted to have a holiday, do a road trip, and stop by some places in the US to kit my truck up, (Gobi Roof Rack, Schoickwrox bumper Toytec suspension, the kinda suff that is silly silly to ship) Plus if they are part of the car I'll probably not have to pay duty coming home lol

I'd also love to do the MOAB trail in Utah, might be a little rough for a Rav though :(

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